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Coaching Methodology

Find Balance, Create Flow

Helping each student realize their personal excellence on the court through simple and easy to understand instructions. 

We lay great emphasis on balance and flow as the key ingredients to successful shot making and success on the tennis court. Our teaching method focuses on targeting one key area at a time while keeping a long term vision of higher excellence for the student. 

We avoid the "one size fits all" approach. Each student is evaluated as an individual with unique requirements and our coaching sessions are tailored to bring out their highest performance.

"Fazal has been my teammate and doubles partner in several Davis Cup matches. He also was my tennis coach during the 2005 US open series where I won the US open mixed doubles. His eye for the game, experience, and communication skills not only make it a good learning experience but a fun and interactive one that makes you want to keep coming back for more."​

Mahesh Bhupathi

Former world #1, winner 12 GRAND SLAM Titles

USTA Middle States 18 u #1 and Chinese 14u #1 training experience
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